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Happy golden years…

May 18, 2010

I’ve noticed that I spend a lot of time refraining from Tweeting, refraining blogging through my professional blog. about all the randomness that goes on in my mind and all the awesome cool things my kids say and do. I clearly need a space all my own, where I can gratuitously and unapologetically post to my little heart’s desire.

This is that place.

What’s going on in my life right now: May 2010 is one of those center-of-the-universe months (usually it’s just a day or week that qualifies, but I’ve really outdone myself this time) where everything is happening all at once. Quick list: Lisette’s birthday celebration at Great Wolf Lodge, closing and moving into a new house, planning and speaking at SQL Saturday #35, NTSSUG meeting, Sean’s 24HOP talk, work, job hunting and interviews, etc etc.  Busy.

The Great Wolf “trip” was a great idea; it was Kiddo’s big birthday present this year, and she really loved it. 2 of her friends wound up coming. As we were heading down to the lobby on Saturday afternoon to meet the first one, she told me “I guess your main job here is to call the ambulance if we get hurt.” I smiled & said, “Is that your very subtle way of telling me you don’t want me to hang out with you girls too much?” “Um, yeah.” “Awesome, Bunny, that was truly subtle. And I understand.” She smiled at me in that way she gets when she’s really pleased, and gave me a huge hug.

I played valet/bodyguard most of the weekend. A good time was had by all, truly.

Eric’s at this really emotional stage…well, no, he’s just an emotional guy. It’s expressing itself in new ways, though. He gets mad and almost literally FUMES at you. “You’re mean! URRRRGHHHHHHHH…”  I feel for the guy…so much emotion packed into one little body, and no really good way to deal with it yet. I’m hoping that’ll smooth out over time.

Benny’s hilarious about this. He copies the older kids on everything, so of course sometimes he practices being mad in the exact way that Eric does it. And it really is practice…he’ll act mad for a while, then just get over it and move on with his life. Two is a great age for watching the superlearning and development, how people really learn to be people.

I love these kids so much.

Sean and I are really doing well, too.  I think we’re both ecstatic that we actually found a good house, with a good yard, good location, good price, and MADE IT HAPPEN. It’s the nicest house either of us has ever lived in, and I’m simply stunned that my days of paying dues and living like a college student appear to be over. It’s simply stunning (to me) how much money we make with both of us working. We’re not rich at all, but we’re actually starting to achieve goals, get traction.

We painted the kids’ rooms last night. Well, mostly. We ran out of paint in BOTH rooms. But we got enough done that we can move the stuff in, and not have to move the beds to finish up. Eric was simply delighted that we let him pick the color (though we moved the shade of yellow he wanted several notches toward the lighter side) and help paint his room. All the kids are crazy nuts to move in…they love the place. So much room, for everyone!

Watched the House season ender last night, it was a good one. That’s all I’ll say for fear of spoilers. Entourage will be coming up soon. The summer’s coming, and I’m hoping for a little time off with the kids between this job (short term contract) and the next one. And can I say, thank the STARS that Mom is willing and able to watch the kids. Working with Benny so little, especially, would be simply intolerable otherwise.

That’s a good brain dump for now. Gotta get back to work, then a phone interview.  I can’t wait for the movers to come tomorrow!!

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  1. May 18, 2010 5:54 pm

    You are quite the busy one, arencha? I can’t wait to see your new house! I’m so happy for you guys, delighted at how well things are going for you. I do require occasionally seeing you, though, when both our lives are a little less overstuffed! Feels kind of like a pinata, huh? So full of goodies, but boy you get thwacked around for it!

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