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Under Pressure….

May 20, 2010

The move is done! Mostly. Something like 85%.  The movers showed up at 8:30am yesterday, and I finally kicked them out at midnight, two trips and two half-put-together beds later.

Eric and Kiddo are thrilled about the new place. The dogs love it. Ben loves it, but at bedtime he wants to “go home!”  He had a hard time getting to sleep last night.

Everything’s chaos, but even so we have so much ROOM! This morning before school the boys were running up and down the hall, giddy with their wealth of running space.  I hadn’t completely realized how stressful the cramped quarters were. Now everyone has their own space – space to store, to live, to get away, to take friends, to create, to destroy. I love it.

Lots left to do, but we have to focus on NTSSUG (our user group) and this weekend’s conference, which we’re both planning and speaking at.  Already missing the kids, but the event itself should be fun, and Sunday cometh right quickly! Sort of…


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