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Portrait of boys spitting sprinkler water on each other

June 24, 2010

That’s what’s going on outside my back window, anyway.

I’m mentally starting to call this house Casa Magnetica – remember that wonky sideways house at Six Flags over TX? – because of the way the floors unexpectedly slope up or down. Still love the place, though.

Summer is both good, and hard on the little owls. Eric especially has always been deeply dependant on structure and routine, and big changes like me working, or school starting or stopping, make it very difficult for him to deal calmly with life.  That, and you know, he’s five. 

Benny’s going through the phase of being 2 where certain things are VERY VERY IMPORTANT, they are VITAL TO THE SURVIVAL OF THE SPECIES AS A WHOLE *AND* INDIVIDUALLY, GODS DAMN YOU WOMAN.

Bunnygirl is a near dream. These days, she tends to compensate when the boys are little shits by being extra good, helpful, and sympathetic.  She’s especially happy, as Sean surprised us by getting a kitten.  Mia is a family kitty, but she’s Lisette’s baby especially, sleeping in her room and eating in her bathroom.  They’re going to miss each other when Bunnygirl goes to her mother’s for two weeks.

Sean and I started the P90x system two days ago….it’s 90 days of butt-ki,cking excercise, plus regimented diet. It turns out this is (so far) exactly what I need.  Last two nights, Bunnygirl has done the entire routine with us (though often modified), which is cool. I think she’s wanting to spend extra time with us, and since we do the routine after the boys are in bed, it’s perfect. Speaking of perfect, the studio (aka, “green room”, or “Kenpo room”) is the PERFECT workout space for us, minus the ceiling fans. Some time I will surprise Sean by removing the fans and putting directional fans in the corners.

I’m working part time for the summer. This is awesome…I get to work in my field and make good money, and still be home with my kids four days a week (weekend + 2 weekdays).  It puts some pressure on Sean, though…he’s feeling like he has to pick up extra projects to make up for the income loss, and he’s already busy.  We’re working on the mythical work-life balance concept…

My mom’s got a surgery tomorrow. One of those, “probably not serious but we’re not sure” jobbies. *worry*  She’s so like me, or rather vice versa…she keeps apologising for the short notice (she watches the kids during the week). Dude, seriously…go get well, period.

Our sixth anniversary is, let’s see…next week.  We have nothing planned…maybe we’ll put together a date night or something, hard to say.

End of line.


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