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Iron Man Kisses, and W00tstock San Diego

June 28, 2010

Walking backward (and other directions) through time…

Just put the boys to bed. Each wants me to lie down with him for a while, and they stall and delay and ask for one more this or that. Ben is getting especially adept at this, while Eric is growing out of it.  The boy are good with being in the house these days. They have lots of space to run and hide, go inside and out, spread toys all over. Cameron spent the night last night, so they spent ALL their attention locked on each other. They mutually feed that need for chatter and pretend that no adult can put up with for 12 hours straight.  Benny, they alternately tolerate, enjoy, and torture. Today was overall a good day on that front…lots of play and chasing. Ben clearly LOVES to be involved, and they laugh and laugh and laugh.

Eric has always been one intense little guy. Changes in routine, goodbyes, anything really affects him. He’s been suffering from the change from school to summer, and it comes out extra strong when we have to say bye to Cam after a sleepover. My boy was a total little dickweed (I say this with love) after the dropoff, so after a verbal timeout (he’s not allowed to speak for 4-5 minutes), I had an inspiration, and gave him Angry Time. He could say anything he wanted for five minutes. It really seemed to work. He argued and sniped a little, and near the end said “Can I say ‘stupid’?”  Well sure, buddy. And he broke down crying.  And after that, he was fine.  Dude just needs some time to blow off steam, I guess.

I got a headache this afternoon that turned into what can only be described as a migraine (though I’ve never had one before), complete with full squirming misery and puking. I don’t like to think about going through stuff like that without Sean around to take care of me. 

Benny has caught the superhero fever that the big boys have, so he is Iron Man all day. He shoots with his Iron Man gloves, he flies with Iron Man boots, and he gives out Iron Man hugs and kisses. My god, I love these kids.

Speaking of awesome, have I told you about the Yankee Doodle craze? My brother Jim gave us a DVD of Rikki Tiki / a Yankee Doodle Cricket a few years back, and I got the boys onto Rikki.  Eric pretends to be a mongoose sometimes right now, and they roleplay killing bad snakes. But the kids are also into singing Yankee Doodle now, because the end of the 2nd part of the video has this marching style, dramatized version of the song, ending with a triumphant half-time “and with the girls be haaaaaandyyyyyy…AND WITH THE GIRLS BE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  I find this hilarious, and so we sing it that way, very triumphant and loud, and then we fall on our asses laughing.

I love my little family.

And I miss my Kiddo, who’s gone for 2 weeks with her mom.

Bought tickets to the Comicon W00tstock San Diego today. OMFG, I’m going to see Wil Wheaton and Adam Savage live and in concert. O.M.G.

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