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P90x so far

July 7, 2010

So we’ve been doing the P90X workout and diet for 16 days now, and I thought I’d make a few notes.

I don’t tend to stick with things longer than 10-14 days, so when Sean brought this 90 day excercise program to me, I really wondered about being able to stick with it. Sure enough, I lost some steam around day 12 or so, but that’s where having a partner comes into play…as long as we’re not both down at the same time, we’ll keep going.

Equipment: We have dumbells (3, 5, 10, and 20#) plus the excercise bands. We got one of these chin up bars, which is easy to put up and take down (no tools), and a couple of yoga mats.

Workouts: We’re night owls, so we work out every night…there’s no other time in the day where we could consistently get it done.  The workouts are hard, absolutely. But like anything, it’s customizable…we each have several things we alter either because we’re not strong enough yet, or we have to make accomodations for Sean’s back or my wrist (carpal tunnel).  And I like the way the workouts rotate through every week, and it’ll change up after each month or so. Keeps things interesting. And we push each other, and the videos push us, to push yourself.

Nutrition: The diet is, again, fairly flexible. I like going by the nutrition blocks – in my weight segment, I eat 5 protein, 1-2 carb, 2 veg, 1 fruit, 2 fat, and a snack.  I’ve had to up the carbs a little to keep my energy up, and the diet itself changes at the end of the month along with the change in excercise.  We picked up protein powder and a recovery drink from GNC (you can order the official P90x stuff online, but we just haven’t).  The protein powder is good when you can’t fit in the SEVEN servings of protein that you need (that’s Sean’s weight bracket).  The recovery drink has really helped tons…I’m often worn out, or tired, but I’m never super sore.

Results so far: I’ve lost a few pounds already – I guess about 3 if we’re being accurate – and I’m seeing an overall tightening. I have baby muscles in my arms!  And I’m starting to see the beginning signs of definition in my stomach.

Okay, that’s it so far. It’s plio night, and we gotta get to it.

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