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The Burger King Complain-a-thon

August 8, 2010

Just a little Sea World family vacation….that’s all I wanted. Have some fun, build a few decent memories.  Instead:

  • Sean and I miscommunicated, so instead of leaving Sunday/returning Tuesday (to miss the weekend crowd), we left hastily Friday and are returning Sunday (thus catching the weekend crowd).
  • We unexpectedly had to pick up the girl at her mother’s, during rush hour, adding another hour to the pre trip.
  • We both forgot our wallets, adding ANOTHER 45 minutes to our pretrip.
  • Eric and Ben (but mostly Eric) spent ALL day Saturday at the park complaining, grousing, arguing, pouting, and refusing to have any amount of fun. I mean, seriously, every moment was a struggle, every move an argument.

Really, really depressing. We managed to leave on a high note: saw the Shamu show first thing this morning, and Benny LOVED it. Eric loved the first 9 minutes, and bitched the rest of the time. Seriously kid…learn to enjoy where you are.

I hope, I hope, I HOPE that all this means is that we’re getting all the trouble out of the way at an early age, and they’ll be little dream travelers when they’re 8 and 10.  Oh, please…

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  1. August 10, 2010 12:29 am

    Oh honey! I feel for you so much! Nobody, but nobody, can match a 5-year-old for sheer grouch capacity. Babies eventually pass out; toddlers will usually shut up and pout, and even if they complain the whole time, you can pretend to not understand them. Older kids will usually get it together and play along. But 5-year-old? Can be hell. I frequently find myself on the verge of yelling at Cameron,”STOP BITCHING AT ME!” about normal day to day things, so I can just imagine what you went through at a theme park when The Crankubus emerged in yours. It will get better! And if it doesn’t get better, it’s likely to get different anyway! 🙂 Thinking of you, girl …

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