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So Homeworky Together…

August 29, 2010

Eric’s at a friend’s house, Benny is down for a nap…and Sean, Kiddo and I are doing our respective homework. Sean has studying for an exam, and I have a session to put together. Kiddo’s on the couch next to me (we’re both on laptops, praise the information age!) working on an essay. Her teacher expects a full 7 paragraph essay on Bridge to Terebithia.

Kiddo’s understanding of writing has been growing some over the years, but I think we’ve had a couple of major breakthroughs today. I explained about essay structure – what’s an introduction, what’s the conclusion? – basic journalism rules (say what you’re gonna say, say it, say what you said), and the thesis statement/supporting statements idea. I think she’s really pleased to have real guidance, real rules to apply. I know that feeling…going from “what is it you want me to do here??” to “Oh, now that’s something that I can do!”

Nice day.

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