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Thanksgiving Thoughts

November 26, 2010

I’m calling Thanksgiving “Butter Day” from now on. Sean’s a spectacular chef, but his food exacts a price, and milkfat is the currency.  Oh, yum.  This year was turkey, taters, yams, green beans, parker hosue rolls, homemade cranberry sauce, cheesecake…our standard lineup. I also made a pear tart out of one of Gordon Ramsay’s books. It was far simpler than the tart recipe Sean had pulled for me, and turned out quite lovely. Shanjia cheered over it.  Jim brought about 4,000 sodas, and Mom brought stuffing and pecan tassies.

The boys are into Sesame Street now. Mission accomplished!!  I never could get Kiddo into it, but now the boys sing the theme song in the car.  Ben’s at that particularly sweet age where he’s just started singing all the time…sometimes the SS theme, or Elmo’s World, or some made up nonsense. It’s one of the phases that I forget between each kid, and so it’s a lovely little surprise. I suspect I’ll get the same thing with my grandkids.

Eric delights in making Ben laugh, and the most fashionable way to do so is to play word games invoving endless rotations of “fart”, “butt”, “eyeball”, “poop”, and so forth. I don’t mind, and they seem terribly happy.  Eric actually ate turkey yesterday. It seems as if his friends at school, and maybe school itself, built up Thanksgiving hard enough that he was indoctrinated. Good! He shouldn’t miss out on something so yummy.

Shanjia painted a portrait of me and Sean for my 34th birthday, from a picture of us online.  Kiddo gave me an early present of a necklace she bought with her money. Eric drew me several pictures. I have very sweet kids.

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  1. southernmystic permalink
    November 29, 2010 5:11 pm

    Mmmmmm, foooooood … I bet your Thanksgiving was tastier than mine. Admittedly, my pumpkin bisque was pretty awesome, and Kim’s turkey is always great. But there were many things out of cans. Luckily my family eats so fast no one tastes anything.

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