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Lunar Eclipse Live Blog!

December 21, 2010

Paul of Paul and Storm (site, Twitter) is live tweeting the lunar eclipse tonight, so I figure I’d better live blog it!

12:44 am CST  So far: Clear and gorgeous here in Dallas. One edge of the moon is smudged out. I want to make hand puppets on the moon, but I can’t make a duck.

Photo courtesy of, I wouldn’t be up watching this if it weren’t for my nerd friends on the internetz…specifically, BadAstronomer, who blogged about it. And a bunch of people who are staying up to watch this kinda-super-cool events.  Now, some tweets, and then I check to see if the moon is still there:

  • @PaulandStorm [P] Shit officially getting real. #livetweetingthelunareclipse
  • @CapnSue Looks like a red purple cancer cross the moon
  • @CapnSue I can see why ppl in olden times thought this was scary
  • @Stepto Not since a w00tstock have I been doing the exact same thing as so many geeks at once. 🙂
  • @PaulandStorm [P] Someone please wipe off the moon; it’s got a little schmutz on it. #livetweetingthelunareclipse
  • @PaulandStorm [P] No, that’s no good; you’re just spreading it around more. #livetweetingthelunareclipse

12:49am Now sitting on the front steps with all the animals. The moon is directly above me. I think I’ll take a few minutes and pull out the telescope (I actually have a spectacular one that I’m not terribly skilled at using.)

1:07am The telescope is out and set up, but useless as far as the lunar eclipse goes. Either it’s too bright, or I’m doing it wrong (quite possible), and/or the haze of cloud that just leapt between me and the moon is interfering too much. That’s okay though, still a great show. Moon more than half blocked out now.

@PaulandStorm [P] O HAI MOON I IZ ERF SHADDO IMA EET U KTHX OM NOM NOM! #livetweetingthelunareclipse

10:17am I just got some PERFECT shots (well, views) of the still-lit part of the moon through my telescope. It’s so different looking at the moon and other celestial bodies through a telescope, as opposed to looking at pictures. It really gives you a feel for it…that’s a whole other WORLD right there, this huge thing that sits out there all the time and pays me no mind.  It’s a very rare twilight on the moon right now, and soon it will be night.

The wispy clouds were all white. Now they’re all red.

1:23am Moon 85% in darkness. I can now make out both the light and dark parts of it through the telescope quite clearly. Sorry guys, if I had known how cool this would be, I would have invited you over. 

Also, the damn dogs ran off while I was staring at the sky. Morans.

1:29am Attemps to wake hubby and 5yo son to see the eclipse have failed. It’s just you and me, internetz. 

  • BadAstronomer Definite orange/red/brown coming out in dark part of Moon. Fainter stars visible. Tiny sliver is all that’s left.

Datachick tells me:

  •  We are here with you.


Photo from BadAstronomer1:41am I’m calling it – that’s full coverage there, bro.

2:03am That…was cool. I packed it in, got my butt (and my dogs) inside, got me some cereal. Soon, bed. Goodnight, moon.

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  1. December 21, 2010 6:52 am

    I’m on my front porch, too. Trying to get a pic with my phone..

  2. southernmystic permalink
    December 23, 2010 6:59 pm

    Thank you for letting me vicariously see the eclipse with you! I love the image of you and all the critters sitting out on the porch, with you blissfully unaware of their conversation:
    Emma: “What in the world are we doing out here, anyway?”
    Cat, whose name I have forgotten in a brain spaz: “I’m always out here like this, I don’t know what’s wrong with all of YOU.”
    Emma: “I’m just saying, it’s out of our routine, her being outside alone at this hour. Should we get help?”
    Cat: “I think she’s checking out the lunar eclipse. It’s the only time in our lifetime it’ll happen during the winter solstice.”
    Jen: “Blah blah blah!” *looks in telescope*
    All the Animals: “Awww, it’s so cute when she does that, it’s like she’s talking!”

  3. December 23, 2010 7:13 pm

    You, ma’am, are awesome. And the cat’s name is Mia, but cats don’t answer to their names…so “Cat” is perfect.

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