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Christmas 2010

December 26, 2010

Christmas was lovely this year. I got a good deal of the shopping done online (including the trampoline that Santa brought), and finished up the last bits on Thursday.  We probably spent more than we should on gifts in all, but as long as we’re not (a) spoiling the kids overmuch, nor (b) going into debt for it all, I’m okay.  Ben has hardly put down the full-size Buzz Lightyear that Uncle Jim got him, both boys are thrilled with the light stations that Gramma got, and they’re outside jumping right now. Yesterday they kept shouting “Merry Christmas!” each time the bounced…

Kiddo was on a trip with her mother in Hawaii this last week. They just got in this morning. We picked her up, and worked out that Lisette’s been up for 24 hours straight. As of the last report, she wasn’t feeling tired. I fully expect to find her sacked out by 3pm.  She had a good lunch of xmas dinner leftovers, opened her presents, and disappeared into her room with Shanjia.

Sean’s mom (the kids call her Nanny) is in town and staying with us. Eric and I set up the Kenpo room as a convertible guest room…quite cool.

Christmas Day was everything I wanted it to be. Lots of family and presents and sitting around, very little bullshit.

Happy days, indeed. -J

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