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Under Pressure: First World Problems

March 31, 2011

I’m feeling today like I was feeling around the first Dallas SQL Saturday last year: tense and stressed. Things always seem to clump together. Thank FSM that I passed on coordinating and planning SQLSat this year.

I understand I have a privileged life, with lots of love and goodness and opportunity. Given that, I’d still like to take this opportunity to bitch about my piddly little first world problems:

  • I have to deal with an ass ton of stupid “I live in a country with bills and banks” papers. To list: tickets, water bill, taxes, passports
  • I have a book chapter due TOMORROW. I’m feeling a tad stressed about this.
  • I have a SQL Saturday session DAY AFTER TOMORROW at 8:30am. I’m feeling a tad stressed about this, too.
  • I am a victim of my own stupidity, and of the job requirements, at work.
  • I forgot that I was supposed to provide the class snack today, and so had to run out at 9:05 this morning to get and deliver said snack by 9:30. (I made it.)
  • Girl-child is still having INSANE issues with school and homework. Can’t talk about why right now.
  • Money’s slightly tight at this moment.

I called Julie this morning and announced we were running away to Argentina. She’s game.

See you on the beach? Not if I see you first.

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