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4HB: Day 2

April 7, 2011

I’m really, really happy. One of the big tenants in 4 Hour Body is to have a partner – someone to be competitive with. And Yanni on Twitter volunteered herself!  Yaaaay!

Yanni, thank you. And I think that our methods can vary wildly…it’s the stick-to-itiveness, the measuring, and the accountability that are the important things here.  (Wendy, are you in too?  Three’s even better…)

  • Measure 1: 148″
    I took my measurements last night: both arms, waist, hips, and both legs add up to 148″.
  • Measure 2: 30.7% body fat
    I did the first “standardized” body fat measure this morning, hydrated (as per 4HB instructions). I measured 30.7% body fat. Weight, by the by, was 150.7. (Like I said, we gettin’ all KINDS of honest up in here!)  But, inches and body fat are the important measures.
  • Oh! And I put several days’ worth of daily reminders to pop up at nonstandard times in outlook. Reminders and funnies, and suchlike. I’ll try to keep that up.

Food – doing well:

  • Last night was my brother’s birthday celebration, so we went to Mercado Juarez. Treated myself to 1 8oz Diet Dr Pepper (I’m to have no more than 16 oz diet soda in a day.) I stuck to the plan: fajitas without dairy or tortillas or chips, extra guac.  OHYUM! I skipped ice cream and cake, and didn’t snack.
  • Today I had 2 eggs and 2 whites, scrambled with thyme, S&P.  And some rinsed black beans from a can (low sodium).  Had coffee with SweetnLow & vanilla/cinnamon. 
  • Lunch is pictured (that’s another recommendation in 4HB, photo what you eat. Keeps you MORE accountable. A testimonial in the book: “Who wants to take a picture of a giant bag of M&Ms?”) 2nd lunch will be bean soup, chicken, and cauliflower. Dinner was split pea soup, salad, and chicken.
  • Did I say this doesn’t suck so far? And Saturday’s my cheat day already! W-0-0-t.

Tired of being tubby. Heading toward HAWT.

Edit: Read the last part of the “Ground Zero” chapter, and there was a great story about a guy who decided to change NOTHING, but chart himself. So he drew a very gradually downward sloping line to his goal weight, drew an allowable upper and lower range around it, and changed nothing else. And he lost the weight.  I drew a graph, m’self. It has a conservative weight loss line, and an aggressive one. I expect I’ll fall in between the two, and be at my goal weight in less than 20 weeks.


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  1. April 7, 2011 5:45 pm

    Oh, I’m in…just need to figure out how to do the measurements 😉

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