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4HB: Day 3

April 7, 2011

Good day to my We’re Getting Hawt team…link your blog in the comments, wouldja? I want to know where to go and read up…

One of the optional things to do is cold exposure, so I took a 5min cold shower this morning (it’s supposed to do all kinds of good stuff for you; read the book for details).   Wooooowee!  VERY invigorating!  And COLD.

I started a chart with body fat.  Drew a line from current to goal body fat over 20 weeks – that’s my conservative weight loss line. Drew another line from current to goal in 10 weeks. That’s my aggressive line. We’ll see how it goes…I really think 4HB is right: tracking IS key!


It can get annoying when I’m obsessed about something, but I can’t tell you how totally excited I am. This time, I really believe I’m going to lose the weight…I can SEE it. The big deal really will be the tracking, and I can be obsessive about numbers when I want to be.  Already a .3% drop in body fat (that’s half a pound for me)…at that rate, I’d be at goal in, like, 2 months. F’IN A!

  • Measure 1: no inches measurement today
  • Measure 2: 30.4% body fat, down .3% from yesterday!
  • Measure 3: 149.4# (down from 153# yesterday, but of course weight varies a lot with water retention, etc)

Food – great!

  • This morning was scrambled eggs with garlic and black beans
  • Coffee with half and half (I think that’s cheating), SweetNLow and vanilla.
  • Lunch was pork chop, split pea soup, and raw broc and carrot, w/unsweetened chamomile tea. Pork isn’t my fave, but hey…I bought and cooked it, so it’s my own damn fault. The soup was teh awesome tho…
  • 2nd lunch: chicken ceasar from wendy’s. Had to pick out the friggin cheese, and use a dressing from the work fridge…ohwell.  And more broc, and soup.
  • Dinner? Not sure…ckn & soup maybe.

Note: Yanni asked this morning about me measuring body fat…I have a scale that does that, and the 4HB book tells how to measure consistenly (because hydration affects the measurement):

  1. Wake up,
  2. drink 500mL of ice water (that’s also cold exposure right there),
  3. wait 30min,
  4. pee (you don’t have to wait to pee, of course, just do it again before you measure),
  5. and then measure.

Even if the scale is inconsistent, it’ll be consistently inconsistent…get it? Even if the thing is off by 2%, it’ll be consistenly off by 2%. It’s the direction that matters.

Tomorrow’s Saturday…my cheat day. I’ve got a reminder popping up that says “TOMORROW IS F’KING CHRISTMAS!!” I’ve been snoozing it instead of dismissing, and it makes me smile every time. I’m not going whole hog, as I’ve only been on 4HB for 3 days, and you’re supposed to go 5 days before cheating. Ohwell…it’ll work out.

Tired of being tubby. Heading toward HAWT.


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  1. southernmystic permalink
    April 8, 2011 7:40 pm

    Ok. I bought it. I’m in.

    • April 8, 2011 7:51 pm

      Well cool then! You gonna blog on it and be all obsessive n stuff? 4HB BUDDIES!

  2. April 11, 2011 5:48 am

    I finally just caught up reading your your 4HB post. Very interesting and I’m very intrigued. I do not blog my *diet* progress, only my training progress since I am training for summit Mt. Rainier *gulp*. Mind you – I’m coming from zero (not doing nothing, sitting-at-the-couch-all-night after sitting-in-front-of-my-computer all day) to get my behind at the gym at the crack of dawn and work it. As for diet – I’m following Weight Watcher guidelines. So far, it work well with me. I have number of point, I spent it in food. However, lately I’ve been doing a lot of juicing, from the book of ‘Crazy Sexy Diet’ by Kris Carr. Check out her site here: and she have the recipe for the green juice. Love that book tho. I might get the book you read too just cause.

    We need to pick a day in a week that we all reveal our ‘number’ – good or bad. I know that having a ‘buddy’ help a lot when you are trying to go through this, especially when you have a bad day (like I was last week when I realized I ate more than I should, and hate myself afterwards).

    Here’s to ‘We’re getting Hawt!’!

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