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4HB: Fundamentals & Ground Zero

April 7, 2011

These are my notes on reading the 4HB book (see first post)…this isn’t meant to be comprehensive, it’s just stuff that struck me. Go buy it yourself, woulja? It’s, like, <$14 on BnN, and a fascinating read.


Minimum Effective Dose

  • MED: “The smallest dose that will produce a desired outcome.”  “Anything beyond the MED is wasteful.”  Heh….sad little manatee.
  • Do the least necessary to trigger fat loss / adding muscle.
  • More is not better.

Rules that Change the Rules

  • “…’mental models’, or analytical rules-of-thumb…” (4)  Note: Find and study stuff like this (heuristics, analytical frameworks), get smarterer. Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin to Munger ( “best books on mental models” 
  • The math on calorie burning seems like it’s missing something, via conventional wisdom. Addidional calorie burning from heightened state, extra burn from built muscle mass, etc…no?
  • “20 pounds of recomposition will make you look and feel like a new person..20 pounds is your new, specific goal. … most often involves losing 15 pounds of fat and gaining 5 pounds of muscle…”
  • Ratio of most fat-loss case studies: 60% diet , 10% drugs, 30% exercise
  • “Don’t confuse correlation with cause and effect.” Be skeptical.
  • “Yo-yo dieting gets a bad rap.”
  • Entire section “Eliminate Propaganda and Nebulous Terms” is WIN
  • Read also: www.fourhourbody/almanac, www.fourhourbody/munger

Ground Zero

  • … “There are no reminders. No consistent tracking = no awareness =  no behavioral change.”
  • Long answer in the book, about realizing the self. As for myself; I wait for others to lead. I am not responsible for myself. I’m tied to the room.
  • Use data.
  • “Big mistaces mean lots of low-hanging fruit.” I wonder what my low-hanging fruit is? Bread and cereal, certainly. Milk and cheese, likely. Woefully little veg, of course.
  • Guy did “5-6 meals a day of roughly 200 calories each.” Figured it out beforehand, made a meal plan for the week.

Elusive Bodyfat

To measure via bio-impedimance (our scale), wake, drink 1.5 liters cold water, wait 30m, pee, then mesure. Don’t eat or drink anything else first.

See “Starting your physical GPS” to get initial measurements.

Note on “evil fat”: beer bellies tend to be fat around organs, instead of fat under skin.

Men: aim for 12%. Women, aim for 18%. (Eyeballing it, we’re probably in the 27-30% range right now.)

From Photos to Fear

Logic fails, but it is possible to engineer compliance. Four principles of failure-proofing:

  1. Make it conscious. Photo your food before you eat.
  2. Make it a game. Measurement = motivation. The act of measuring is often more important than what you measure.
  3. Make it competitive. Set up a tangible competition…embrace peer pressure.
  4. Make it small and temporary. Take pix of yourself in your underwear, front back n side. Photo your food. Get a partner. Measure up now (148 total inches for me). Start with small changes.

To be continued…

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