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4HB: Day 4, Cheat Day Log

April 10, 2011

Day 4 (yesterday) was cheat day! It was fabjus and wonderful and awesome, but it’s not like when you’re a really can’t just eat and eat and eat everything you want, even if you want to. The first cheat meal and all the liquids filled me up (practically) for the rest of the day.  Still, quite a lovely time


  • Eggs and fat free yogurt with cinnamon
  • Diet Dr Pepper, water with lemon, grapefruit juice
  • * Air squats just before lunch
  • Twitsted Root cheesburger with beer-goat cheese and bacon, fries and shake. SO FULL!!!
  • Coffee with milk and chocolate syrup and cinnamon.  Calcium and potassium pills.
  • * Kenpo, more air squats
  • Water, diet soda. 7 thin mint cookie.
  • * 5 minute cold shower
  • * Went to 6 flags. 1 chicken strip and a few fries, some PowerAde. Water.
  • [kinda lost track here, ish]
  • Made a lovely cheese sammich for dinner. Piece of watermelon. Made chocolate chip cherry cookies, had that with milk. 
  • *Air squats while eating cookies.

Aaaaaand then I died.

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