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Ren Fest and Mini Vacation

April 11, 2011

This weekend we hit 6 Flags and Scarborough Ren Fest (which runs thru May 30).  Now Mom just took the 3 older kids on a mini vacation. They’re not having a bad spring break at all, and it’s only Monday.

Scarborough was great…as I suspected, this is the year where all the kids are old enough that it’s not a trial to take them (all the kids were difficult at big events when they were littler). When they got bored with a show, we wandered or retreated to the playground.  And the girls are old enough to go wandering by themselves with a little cash in pocket, which they did. Kiddo bought a little bell and a parasol, which turned out to be quite handy for me (I was the only one dressed up, in my full-length silver-and-white renfair dress).

We got to see The Royal Falconer, and Zilch the Torysteller – whom I’ve adored for many many a year. And a new (to me) act, Adam Crack , a Guiness Record holder for whip cracking. He was amazing. And very, very, very fit. And shirtless. With flaming whips. Are you listening, girls?? GO SEE HIM RIGHT THE HELL NOW. And we also saw Don Juan and Miguel, a knife throwing show (Stewart & Arnold I think), and Daniel Duke of Danger (QUITE good!).  The whip cracking was by far the most popular with our gang…I mean, seriously, how could it not be?

Gonna go again before the season’s out…

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