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Today’s Log For the Day. Day-day-day.

April 12, 2011

So today, I

had a stupid fight with Sean (notmyfault notmyfault notmyfault),

finished taxes with H&R Block (okay, mostly),

stuck to my diet (except for a single teaspoon of sugar in my coffee) despite vast obstacles and temptations,

vacuumed and cleaned carpets in two rooms (etc etc housework),

hung out with my sweet Benny-boy, and

hung out with alla my chilluns at their local vacation spot (they’re on mini-vacation with Gramma).  Mostly good times.

Current status: Girls swimming, boys watching DVD, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution in T-23 minutes, free wireless in a room I don’t have to clean. Giggity.  Seems a shame to go back to work tomorrow, but then there’s that whole “money” thing I keep hearing about.

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