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4HB: End of Week 1, Starting Week 2

April 14, 2011

Here’s my contribution to my Get Hawt Friday blog party.

I’m switching to a more-or-less-weekly 4HB blog after this, just so I don’t continue to inundate you guys with “Iate food, more food, food food food.” Totally boring reading.


I didn’t make much progress this week – same weight, fat, and measured inches – but I think I figured out some of the problems (see Specifics section, below).  I’m feeling good yesterday (Thursday) and today, eating better.  Still not at all focused on working out, though I’m starting to feel the pressure. Hopefully, with the continued encouragement of my fellow Mad Hawtters, I’ll naturally start getting my butt in gear week on week.

Let’s remember to hydrate, people!!


Monday’s numbers: 153.2, 30.9%  Damn.

Thursday’s numbers: 151.6, 30.6%  Still 148″ (same as last week).  Damn-damn.

Okay, so I’m .1% lower than I was a week ago. Not exactly the big results I was anticipating, but here’s what I think went “wrong” (things to improve on):

  1. I had a cheat day too early in the diet. It’s supposed to be at least 5 days after the start, so I sort of knew I wasn’t going to be 10# lighter by now.
  2. He allows up to 16oz of diet soda, but I suspect I’d better quit altogether. That amount may still mess me up, PLUS it makes me super-super snacky when I shouldn’t be. I haven’t been snacking, but eventually I will.
  3. More veg.
  4. Fewer meals. I think I’m eating too often.
  5. No more almond butter. I’ve been good about limiting this to 1-2 T a day, as instructed, but it’s just one more thing, and I’m likely to abuse it.  Also in general, fewer nuts.

The only thing I’m still kinda confused about: to eat plain yogurt or no?  It’s good (the book says), but I’m supposed to be off dairy. So….   Ah, here we go, an author blog on clarifications:

Do not eat the following, except for cheat days: Dairy (this includes cheese and yogurt of all kinds) …

In the end, the point of 4HB is intelligent and responsible SELF-EXPERIMENTATION. I will not answer all of your questions, precisely because I want you to think for yourselves and figure it out. Hundreds of you have already done so. It’s not that hard. …

 If you have to ask, don’t eat it.

Most of those saying they’re “following the diet to the letter” are doing nothing of the sort. Reread “Slow-Carb II” in 4HB.

Okay, I have my marching orders.

I also signed up for Lose It ( on Shannon Lowder’s recommendation (see the Get Hawt Roundup)…another method of tracking food and exercise and weight, yet another way to put what I’m doing right in my own face.


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  1. April 15, 2011 9:00 pm

    Hey, I just sign up on Lose It! too. I think it’s cool if we add each other on it’s friends list. Please feel free to add me. It’s another way that we can support each other…


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