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4HB: End of Week 2

April 21, 2011

Here’s my contribution to my Get Hawt Friday #002.


Slight improvement, a tad hard to measure (details below). But I’ve lost an inch!

I’m just not eating enough. This is a problem I’ve never ever had on another diet, which says two things to me: one, I’m sticking to this (even just two weeks in) better than anything ever before, so it’s well structured. But two, I’m not preparing well enough.


You measure yourself thusly: both biceps, waist, hips, both thighs. And I have, overall, lost an inch. That’s good!  I can’t say how much weight or body fat percentage I’ve lost, because you’re not really supposed to measure yourself at *ahem* certain times of the month, else you’ll get wonky I’m-not-fat-I’m-full-of-water readings. But an inch! That’s good-good!

I don’t eat enough! I never foresaw that as an issue, but I don’t pack enough food when I go out or when I work.  Joining has definitely done that for me: tracking what I eat in a day shows I’m not getting anywhere close to enough calories in a day.  For example, I ate four meals today, totaling 1,200 calories.  Not enough to function on! I added a fifth meal this evening, and I’m feeling a little better. 

But I MUST plan better: Keep cans of beans at work, cook big batches of stuff in advance, eat out more (who knew I’d ever say that??).  It’s just that eating bread and snacks is so easy…beans and meat and veg take a little more planning, unless you’re eating out.

So, the remaining things to improve on are:

  1. More veg.
  2. Fewer meals.

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