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It’s not that I’m busy…

April 29, 2011

…it’s that I’m excited, so I FEEL busy.

Lots of running around this week, after Benny got better (he caught pneumonia! He’s all better tho…). 

Yesterday Kiddo had a poetry reading at school. She’d be mortified that I even mentioned it here, so I’ll just say that I really enjoyed it, and one of her funny poems got some awesome laughs. Oh! And she made chocolate chip cookies for the event FROM SCRATCH BY HERSELF, and they were totally demolished.  No leftovers. Awesome, that kid.

Yesterday we found a baby bird off of Lover’s lane, tried to find the nest or parents, gave up and took him home.  After talking to animal rescue, we fed him softened cat food every 20 minutes in the evening and morning. The kids REALLY enjoyed saving a baby bird and having it around, though the cat was frantic to get at him. (Didn’t even come close, kitty-cat.)

I have this random, awesome, exciting idea that I’m awesomely excited about (but can’t talk about yet…isn’t that annoying?)  But I WILL say that if you’re interested in spinning fiber (you know, making your own yarn), or know of people/communities who are, drop me a line in the comments.

Off to be productive. 



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