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4HB on the road

May 11, 2011

Im sitting in Love Field on my way to SQLRally, typing on my phone, so i’ll make this short. Ish.

Been doing well on the diet (still!), and we’ve started taking walks every 4-5 days out of 7. It’s nice…we have a gorgeous stretch of larks by our house with ponds and associated wildlife, trees to climb, all that jazz. The kids really love the walks and we’re all getting some much needed family time.

Traveling on a diet means extra effort and vigilance, but it really wont be bad. Good breakfast this morning, eating a packed second breakfast now, and almonds to vet me through if I can’t find anthony else 4-hour-body-worthy. I see some good restaurant eating in my post-flight future.

Edit…survived on almonds until dinner, which was at a wings place. Mediocre chicken and ribs. Still there fourhours later, picked up lunch meat and breakfast supplies. I’ve gotten some odd looks about eating the lunch meat like it was chips..but im sticking to the diet!


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