Invitation to Get Hawt Friday #005 WITH ROUNDUP!

Welcome to the fifth installment of GET HAWT FRIDAY! I explained the concept in the first installment of Get Hawt Friday:

THE best thing you can do for your fitness and health goals is to make them public…to be accountable to somebody else. So this is the open invitation to participate in a weekly group blog.


  1. Tell us about your training, diet, thoughts, and whatever else you want.
  2. Link back to this Get Hawt Friday #004 post.
  3. Have your post up on Thursday or Friday.

Well….whatchoo got?  I’m at SQLRally right now, so my contribution (and the roundup) may be a bit late, but we’ll get there. 


Sorry for the unmoderated comments and the late roundup…I can only claim travel delays! Here’s the roundup this week:

Yanni’s Climbing blog: Yanni’s having some troubles…and she can still kick my ass 7 ways from Sunday.  “I skipped a work out this week and no training hike.    Not a happy Yanni.   However, I’m not going to mope around and hide.   I ‘fess up.  Let the world know, that I will get my behind back into the program tomorrow.    Get up, dust myself up, and move on.   I have exactly 73 days to my climb days and I really need to get with the program.”

Yanni’s diet blog: She’s getting HAWT!! “once in a while I catch a glimpse of myself on a store window when I walk downtown – the I love the reflection I see.   THAT person look like a slim version of me.   Well, wait a minute – it IS me.”

Southern Mystic: Julie is making small changes, and you can just about HEAR her gritting her teeth: “No gym today. But I am going to go soon. I am going to try that rowing machine. It’s going to be great, I just know it. And before the end of this year, I am going to lose between 20 and 30 pounds, and feel better in so many ways.”

TSQL Princess:She’s resisting cake and making baby steps… ” The good news is I have discovered that I love hummus! Hummus with carrots is my new favorite addition to my lunch. It’s not dairy, delicious, and doesn’t have a lot of calories – provided I don’t eat the whole container in one sitting.”

DanceM0m: Sarah’s so busy, she makes me look lazy. “After walking close to 14 miles in two days followed by an hour and a half of hip hop, I’m spent!! I’ll be hauling boxes, going up and down stairs, and working on things around the house. ” Plus over 16 miles walked this week!

My blog: I’m feeling…well, there’s no two ways about it. I’m not making any progress, and I’m frustrated. “I stuck to the letter of the law last week while traveling, but it involved a lot of almonds and not enough food.”  *sigh*




8 thoughts on “Invitation to Get Hawt Friday #005 WITH ROUNDUP!”

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