Invitation to Get Hawt Friday #006 – now with Roundup!

Welcome to the sixth installment of GET HAWT FRIDAY! I explained the concept in the first installment of Get Hawt Friday:

THE best thing you can do for your fitness and health goals is to make them public…to be accountable to somebody else. So this is the open invitation to participate in a weekly group blog.


  1. Tell us about your training, diet, thoughts, and whatever else you want.
  2. Link back to this Get Hawt Friday #004 post.
  3. Have your post up on Thursday or Friday.

We’re getting nearer and nearer to summer.  Hmm…maybe this week should be bikini-themed? Naaaaah…


Sarah, Cami, and Wendy have pledged to blog…let’s give them a little nudge, shall we?

Julie (southern mystic) gives an animal update (with pix!), and she is having a really hard time with exercise. Does anyone have any advice or encouragement for her?

Yanni’s climb blog includes a really cool video about the 2010 Climb for Clean Air:

THIS is what I am working towards.  Well, not only I’ll be standing on top of the highest mountain at the state of Washington but from a persona level, just last October, I was struggling with 3 weeks of radiation and not knowing if I can make it through another day of hell and yet, less than a year later, I would be standing on top of the mountain.  How awesome is THAT??

It’s wicked awesome.  Yanni’s diet blog is even more awesome…she only lost one pound from last week, but SEVEN INCHES from her total measurement.  Holy shit.  Somebody can do it, we all can do it.

Jen has lost 2 more pounds, and found new hope.




11 thoughts on “Invitation to Get Hawt Friday #006 – now with Roundup!”

  1. Okay, need to get on the blogging bandwagon with this…guess it’s time to start another blog that’s more personal. LOL

  2. So……I am going to jump in here because I have reached the point of looking for any way to push myself possible. Thanks for the Getting Hawt Love!!! Post to come…..

  3. To busy to do much, but my post will come tomorrow! Thanks again for the blog party, Jen!! It’s helpful to read about everyone’s successes and struggles. Makes me feel like I’m not alone in the journey of training, getting healthier, etc…

  4. Gah! Okay, it’s on my to-do list now….
    For the most part (to sum up): I turn 40 on Friday. I’ve been busting my ass since February. I’ve lost 2 pounds. Very VERY Frustrated.

  5. […] Get Hawt Challenge: Jen’s Get Hawt Challenge continues (can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks already)! It’s encouraging to read other peoples’ progress (or sometimes lack of). It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who struggles to stay on track sometimes. This week, Jen suggested we have a bikini theme?? Well… I feel far from ready to wear a bikini proudly, but I’m getting closer each week. Maybe if I do more arm, thigh, and mid-section work, I’ll be able to wear one proudly on my honeymoon! I’m not very confident that will happen… Here’s her most recent post in the Get Hawt blog party/challenge! […]

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