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4HB: End of week 7 (a tad early)

May 23, 2011

This is my entry for Invitation to Get Hawt Friday #006

Last you heard from me, I was “quite frankly, getting very frustrated.” 6 weeks went by with a net loss of 5#. Not impressive numbers for what should be an impressive diet. But after I wrote that last blog post, I got on the forums and on the 4HB site, and found this:

On the critical 4-6 week window:
For people over 40 and women (especially after two kids), it’s quite common that the most dramatic fat-loss and weight change comes after 4-6 weeks on the diet. I have no explanation for this. Needless to say, if you haven’t done the diet for AT LEAST four weeks, please don’t post a comment about plateauing and panicking. I can’t give you meaningful advice without a ton of other supporting data (blood tests, etc.), and it’s physically impossible for me to respond to each person.

And sure enough, in the 2 days following the blog post I lost two pounds. TWO POUNDS after less than a pound a week.  I have renewed hope.

In other news, I’m really really bad at trying to follow my stricter rules. I can eat more beans and food in general, I can drink tons of water….but I simply CANNOT give up my 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter/day, nor my 1 soda/day.  I tried…I can’t. I’ve already given up all things milk and bread.

But with any luck at all, I should be entering into a real weight decline, like, NOW.

I’m also incorporating at least one long walk/week into my routine – not much, I know, but right now I don’t have any fitness goals set.  I bet I’ll get more into it as I see progress on the weight.

Wish me luck…



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