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Eric loves stuff

June 1, 2011

Eric is in this massively sweet stage. School agrees with him, he adores learning and showing off, he loves all of us and DOING STUFF. He’s also playing the role of the annoying little brother, the bossy big brother, and occasionally the upset unreasonable son, but by and large he’s just HAPPY.

He takes particular joy in the passing of time. Each new month is a new reason to celebrate. By the way, happy June First, everyone!  Today is a day of friendship, harmony, and turning over the page on the calendar.

Another favorite thrill is presenting family and friends with his artwork. He makes “secrets”….drawings that are folded into a little rectangle, and marked with a question mark (riddler-style).

I hope he can take some of this joy with him as he gets older. I hope he’ll alway love stuff.

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