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Ineffectual tween sword fights

June 3, 2011

Last night was Lisette’s first ever school play. She’s my oldest child, so it’s my first ever kid school play. It was, in a word, fantastic.

It was a sixth grade production of peter pan, With props and costumes and the whole shebang. I vaguely remember being in a school play around that age myself, and this production matches very closely with my memories.  Lots of unsure pauses, puzzled look, missed cues, actors intently staring at each other in silence…. but a great deal of courage, and not a little bit of drama and actual expressiveness.

I want to remember that my daughter had the opening monologue, the speech about maps of children’s minds. She played the pirate Smee… The only other pirate in this production apart from Hook. In the final fight between the pirates and the lost boys, Her friend louis, playing michael, Made her the first and thus the only pirate to fall. She died well, for a pirate.

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