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Nerd Resume (work in progress)

June 29, 2011

Jennifer McCown

Twitter: @JenniferMcCown   Blog:


Awards and Certifications

  • “Oddest Dresser”, high school
  • The “Will You Be in my Banana” award, college
  • Various Microsoft certifications

Relevant Skills

  • Bookworm. Able to read while walking without bumping into people or objects.
  • Natural ability to make the “live long and prosper” salute, raise left eyebrow independent of the right.
  • Pomposity regarding esoterica.

Nerd Experience

  • Professional
    • Computer-centric career, including certifications and conferences
  • College
    • scholarship (1 semester), junior college academic program
    • majored in computer science
  • High School
    • 2 years computer programming, including year end project programming over 10,000 coordinates in Pascal for Star Trek Enterprise graphics program
    • 2 years, Computer Club
    • 2 years, German Club
    • 4 years, 3rd string trumpet player in marching and concert bands

Nerd Education

  • Read The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Hichhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy “trilogy” over 6 times each
  • Study nerd podcasts: Nerdist, Paul and Storm Talk About Stuff for 5 to 10 Minutes (on Average), Wil Wheaton’s podcasts, etc
  • Television: Doctor Who (4th, 9th-11th doctors), Star Trek original, STNG, Deep Space 9…
  • Television (kids shows): Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, Bill Nye the Science Guy…

Nerd Community

  • Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day and Towel Day annually
  • Attended Comic-Con Dallas 2011
  • Attended 3 #w00tstocks
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