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Invitation to Get Hawt Friday #012 – now (finally) with roundup!

June 30, 2011

We’ve had a couple of weeks off of the blog, but we’re back on track now. Welcome to the 12th installment of GET HAWT FRIDAY! I explained the concept in the first installment of Get Hawt Friday:

THE best thing you can do for your fitness and health goals is to make them public…to be accountable to somebody else. So this is the open invitation to participate in a weekly group blog.


  1. Tell us about your training, diet, thoughts, and whatever else you want.
  2. Link back to this Get Hawt Friday #012 post.
  3. Have your post up on Thursday or Friday.

So I went on a 2 week vacation, and stuck with my diet for approximately 60 hours.  After that I was a very, very bad girl. I DID stick with the principle of eating enough protein within waking, and drinking lots of water, but that’s about it!  I will include details in my own GetHawt entry in a day or so…


Dancem0m managed to walk 5.5 miles this week while preparing for her wedding – you’re still making us look bad, dear – and she’s experiencing the same freeze on the scale numbers that most of the rest of us are. I wonder if summer is just not a good time to lose weight?

Yanni is a crazy woman…she worked out this week through pneumonia. Wow. “I felt decent by Saturday and able to go on a hike and even made it to Camp Muir.”  Read for a good account of her hike.

Julie has a frozen scale, too, and a decent rant about gym showers…I’m definitely blaming the summer for our lack of weight loss.




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  1. July 5, 2011 6:15 pm

    Here’s my contribution for this week.

  2. July 6, 2011 12:09 am

    I’m so behind with my diet blog, and FINALLY caught up with my training blog. Here’s mine:

    As of diet progress – let me summarize it here with a few sentence. I lost total 22lbs, dropped from size 10 to 6 (actually, size 4 already fit, but still a bit snug). It’s a huge win, with a lot of hard work, trial and tribulation. Thanks for hosting this and introduce me to the awesome new lifestyle!


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