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My update for Get Hawt Friday #014

July 15, 2011

Here’s my contribution for Get Hawt Friday #014

I haven’t been writing. I’m frankly feeling pretty overwhelmed- good, but overwhelmed. I have five (FIVE!) speaking engagements in the next seven weeks, and I’m not feeling quite ready. I’m also jobhunting, studying, trying to keep up with life chores, and trying to make enough time with my family and with myself.


Even so, I haven’t fallen off the diet. I’ve been cheating some this week – a cookie, a krispy treat, and popcorn yesterday…way too many krispy treats the day before – but in all I’m sticking to the core of the diet.  Four Hour Body followers will tell me that the devil’s in the details, and they’re right. But I’m not going to feel guilty, and I’m not going to slip any further off the program.

Sean and I also instituted a four week goal – to do four chinups – and I’m shirking on training for that, too.  Hang on, I’m going to to do some pushups, since I’m thinking about it……..okay, back. Turns out that 4 real and 16 “girlie” pushups are enough to wipe me out in a session. I’m not sure I’m going to make the 4 chinups goal. Gotta get workin’.

Okay, on to this week’s topic: Safety. When on occasion I go walking after dark on my own, I’ll often take one of my big dogs, I stay away from blind corners and dark hedges, and sometimes I’ll even take my phone with me. I call Sean and leave the speaker on so he can hear if anything weird is going on.  It’s a little extreme maybe, but it doesn’t cost anything and sets his mind at ease. 

That’s about it…

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  1. July 15, 2011 1:33 pm

    4 real push ups are more than I can do! Way to go! Every little bit helps! (Ha – first I typed “hurts” instead of helps. Freudian slip probably)

    Keep up the good work, and the great attitude!


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