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Nerds Supporting Nerds

July 20, 2011

My friend Julie – author, artist, fiber artist, chicken lover, mother, and a zilliondy other things – has gotten some major-awesome-superdoubleplusgood press this week, in the form of a “recommends” on the Nerdist blog. HUZZAHS ARE IN ORDER!

Here is the relevant portion of the blog:

Lastly, we have an author! Julie Cox sent me a few links to ebooks that she has published. First is Hearth and Harvest, a collection of short stories. The site description follows:  “In Hearth and Harvest, Julie Cox explores the roles of parents and children through stories steeped in magic, wonder, grief and inevitability. A farmer hatches an unlikely egg; a barren girl searches for a god; death and birth abound, and creators clash with their creations. These six stories find the fantastic in the mundane, and the grounded, dirty world in the unreal.”

Her next is probably more along the lines of something our wonderful Sex Nerd Sandra might recommend and it’s called Chasing Tail. Here’s the description from Amazon: “Through six linked erotic stories, Chasing Tail explores the realm between human and animal, order and chaos, civilization and nature–the realm to which shapeshifters belong. The characters learn, love, and lose as they navigate their wild, yet inescapably human society, in which nothing–politics, romance, sex–is simple.” Maybe interesting? I can’t say, as I haven’t read either of these collections, but let us know if you do!

Follow Julie on Twitter @southern_mystic.

Read her blog.

Buy her fiber and services on Etsy.

And for literacy’s sake, go read her writing!


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