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Get Hawt Friday #016: THEN AND NOW, with Roundup

August 4, 2011

Welcome to the 16th installment of GET HAWT FRIDAY!

16th weekly installment…that’s four months, kids. And many of you have been at it longer than that.  So THIS time around, our assignment is this:


Wait, wait, don’t hang up!! I know that some of us haven’t really seen a lot of progress, and you may feel a bit of trepidation about posting pix that (you imagine) will look like a “Then and Then” scrapbook.

Don’t panic.

Start by finding then and now pix. I’d be willing to bet there are positive differences…I bet we’ll be surprised. But if you still don’t feel great about posting pix of yourself, get creative.  There are other differences…we feel better, we’re eating better, we have better habits. So show me something before and after related to those positive differences!

Oh, and if this is your first time in the Get Hawt roundup…I explained the concept in the first installment of Get Hawt Friday:

THE best thing you can do for your fitness and health goals is to make them public…to be accountable to somebody else. So this is the open invitation to participate in a weekly group blog.


  1. Tell us about your training, diet, thoughts, and whatever else you want.
  2. Link back to this Get Hawt Friday #016 post.
  3. Have your post up on Thursday or Friday.


Julie was the first to post, with a before-and-after sketch that shows she might be a tad stressed out right now.  Breathe, Jules..breathe.

Also, no one should ever go onto WebMD with the idea that something is wrong with them, even if it’s just “maybe my thyroid is a little wonky, that could be preventing weight loss.” You will leave that site thoroughly convinced that you have an extra terrestrial form of eye stalk cancer.

Yanni is getting into running, and she thinks she likes it.

 Please help me fund my future medicine.   Yes, you read right.   The funds I raise will be used for research and development for future medicine, as well as patient support program by Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.   MY medicine.   Please visit my fundraising page here.

Sarah was the only one of us brave enough to post actual before and after pictures, and she therefore wins 3 brand new Internetz.

Even though the pictures don’t show a drastic difference, I am feeling better about how I look, and how clothes fit me. I have one and a half weeks to go until the 3 Day Walk.

TSQL Princess has made some real progress, as then-and-now numbers can testify:

… my size 14 pants have been feeling a bit loose lately. Wonder if that means I may be on my way to a size 12! Woo hoo!

I also have no before and after pictures to show. I’m a bad, bad girl. Actually, I’m a disorganized girl…I can’t find my before pix. I have, however, been a good girl on the fitness front!

So in four days: 5.5 miles, 150 pushups and 50 crunches. Not bad, not bad!




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