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GetHawt Week 16

August 9, 2011

For Get Hawt Friday 016

Here’s the brief update:

Last week I was sick three days, so I let myself eat bread.  Then got back on the diet as of Thursday. We had SQL Saturday Baton Rouge over the weekend, and Monday I was back to work.

It’s long past time to kick up my game fitness wise, and I’m still not sure what changes to make. I want to create good habits, like I’ve done with the eating…something I can stick with over the long term.  So what I’m trying right now is working things in throughout the week. 

Monday I did great. I did 100 pushups over the course of the day, in 20-pushup increments. Okay, granted, only 6 of those were “real” pushups (the rest were girly pushups), but still! 100 pushups! Plus I walked roundtrip to lunch, and that’s 2 miles. Good start.

Tuesday I did 50 crunches. I met my goal, but I really think the goal should’ve been higher.

Wednesday I climed 11 flights and walked 2 miles. Today so far I’ve done 50 pushups (8 of them real), and walked 1.5 miles.

So in four days: 5.5 miles, 150 pushups and 50 crunches. Not bad, not bad!

As for my before and after pix…I CAN’T FIND THEM. I know, lousy excuse. But frankly I’m not sure there’s much of a visual difference. *le sigh*  But before, I was wearing size 14 and 12 jeans, and couldn’t wear that gorgeous size 10 dress I bought. Now,  I  wear size 10 jeans, I can wear that dress, and I’m eating better and working out on a habitual basis. I’m not unhappy with the trend.


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