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Popcorn Taste Test

August 10, 2011


We have just completed our second in our 2011 series of food taste tests, and this time it was – as the title implies – microwave popped corn. We picked up five brands from our local grocery, all “butter” flavor (no “movie butter” or light or anything weird). We popped them, divided them into cups, and shuffled.

We’re all scientifical!

Here are the results of our blind test, in order of least to most favorite:

5. Pop Secret

In last place, but still perfectly respectible, we found Pop Secret. I had predicted this to be one of the top two!  Our notes: “Good, not very buttery, saltier but not overly, butter is different from A [Albertson’s] and milder, alright, not special, light and fluffy.”

4. Organics

I wasn’t really surprised to find Organics in the bottom two. It’s not a bad brand, but in my experience it’s just not a top condender. Our notes: “All right, not very buttery, crispier, salty, kinda salty, white, more compact, not very fluffy.”  We made a special note that this crispiness would be really good for making caramel corn, which we have been known to do. OM NOM NOM.

3. Orville Redenbacher

I was truly surprised that Orville wasn’t in the top 2, as I’ve always thought of this as my favorite. The kernals are consistently big and fluffy.  Regardless, it took third, with these notes: “Fluffy, medium buttery, good, a little too salty, not buttery enough for me”.  Go figure.

2. Act II

The VERY close runner-up was ACT II.  Our notes: “Less buttery than A [Albertson’s], light, a finish of raw corn [this was a positive note], good stuff, buttery,” and “best”.

1. Albertson’s Brand

Surprisingly, the favorite was the generic brand!  Notes on Albertson’s popcorn included “Good, good butteryness, tasty, crispy, fluffier than B [Organics], not oversalted, butter richer than C [Pop Secret]”, and finally, “not OMG”.

So there you are! I…I suppose I’ll start buying Albertson’s instead of Orville. Maybe.

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