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Brain Dump

September 3, 2011

Good show last night, with a great last-minute award I put together for Sean. We’ve been planning Inappropriate PASS sessions (a party we put together for fans and attendees at our fall conference). SO excited about that, and we even have some minions helping out. I love having minions.

Just put biscuits in the oven (Alton Brown’s recipe…btw, 12 ounces of flour is about 2.75 cups, so there ya go.)

Three day weekend after 1 1/2 weeks of full time school for the kids. The boys are MORE than happy to have 3 days to chill.

Oh! And I just got 3 new shirts from Zazzle. TheBloggess’s “be nice or I will stab you“, our “Here be dragons“, and HyperboleAndAHalf’s “I care about this Alot“. Also some of our Nerdfight stickers.

Haven’t done any GetHawt posts, and never officially ended teh thing. I should eventually address that.

Listening to the current Nerdist podcast. I’m simply dying to get out to the Nerdmelt space…all the cool shit (that they talk about) happens in LA.    Their TV premiere (on BBC america I think) is September 24, after Doctor Who. And a new Doctor Who tonight!! Woooo! 

Ermm……stuff. And other stuff.

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