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Today is Wednesday

September 7, 2011

Wednesday is donut day. Oh, not for me, mind you…it’s one of those traditions we started a year or two (more?) ago to give the kids something to look forward during the school week.

One of Ben’s favorite things right now is to sit down to family dinner time (we’ve started that up now school’s back in) and ask everyone “How was your day?”, and be asked the same in turn. He is – and I make no apology for this – fucking adorable. just published a podcast (#121) with Patrick Stewart. Total awesomesauce.

I had cereal for breakfast this morning for the first time in months. I’m still keeping a reasonable diet – in “maintenance” mode.

We bought three box garden kits and put them in the backyard. We’ve planted peas, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, broccoli, and cauliflower. The peas are already coming up and vining. (Tiny squee.)

The whole gardening thing is, we decided in retrospect, perfect for us. As Sean puts it, “It gets me away from the computer, and nobody screams at me.” I said, “Model trains could do that.” Sean: “Yeah, but they’re loud.” Fair enough.  As an additional bonus, we invite the kids outside with us, and they involuntarily get involved in playing outside, and actually get fresh air.

Kiddo has decided she doesn’t like the public school uniform skirts, so she is reversing her 9-year anti-pants policy. The SQL community felt a small disturbance in the force.

For the last three days, it’s been absolutely beautiful outside.  Four days ago, it was 112F outside. Far be it from me to look a gift cool front in the mouth, but it’s WEIRD.

Here is today’s XKCD:

That is all.

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