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Narrating a Workday Morning

September 23, 2011

Ran short on time for breakfast, so started out with some Starbucks coffee and oatmeal. Email, Twitter, review perf data reports from yesterday, open Status document to figure out what the hell I’m supposed to be doing today.

SQL Prompt 5 trial has expired. I wonder if I can get this place to spring for a license for me, maybe one for my cohort over there…it’s invaluable…

Work work work…write a script to log missing index information, including stats. Remind me to blog on that.

Open IE, forget why for about 15 minutes. Then get annoyed by voices again, and remember I was going to open Pandora. First song – Mr. Mister’s Broken Wings – is based on my new station from yesterday. Site’s got a new look…will take some getting used to.

*Sigh* restart SSMS, because the system’s dragging down.

[Bittersweet Symphony starts. I delay getting another drink to let it finish. Hear of Glass.]

Go to get water, on the way see an IT pro’s unlocked computer (why do people do that??), the manager who looks like a famous SQL author and the guy who looks like a popular SQL blogger (I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about that author and that blogger at work, because of this).

Finally get around to detatching all those offline databases on the prod cluster; that’s always ticklish busineses, and I visually triple-check each database I’m detatching. Object Browser looks much cleaner now. I make a note of it in my Status log (I write everything I do down in a Word doc, organized by date. Simple, effective, and insanely valueable.)

Who Can it Be Now… “Go `way, don’t come round here no more…” 
The Promise… “If you need a friend…”
Toto’s Africa, which always makes me think of Paul and Storm these days…apparently Africa is THE men’s acapella quartet song, and it makes P&S crazy…  Love it though, “IT’S GONNA TAKE A LOT TO DRAG ME AWAY FROM YOUUUUUU….” 
Don’t You Forget About Me “I touch you once, I touch you twice…” [“STOP TOUCHING ME, MOM HE’S TOUCHING ME!!”]
Duran Duran’s Rio
OMG Phil Collins Against All Odds…one of my favorite songs of all time. Of course, that’s the great thing about Pandora. You’re very likely to bump into an awful lot of your all-time-favorite-songs.
Kiss Me…*skip*
Invisible Touch…*skip*
Enjoy the Silence…now, Violator was one of my very favorite albums in high school…still, this track is massively overplayed. Time to mix things up a bit…adding Tears for Fears to this station…
The familiar strains of Journey’s Separate Ways… SOMEDAY LOVE WILL FIND YOU…
I wear my sunglasses at night…one of the most entertaining songs of all time, due to the high “misheard lyrics” factor…

Okay, enough with the index scripting fun for now.  What’s next, status document? Ah yes, it’s time to finish reviving a long-dead SSIS package…no wait, I have to get email feedback. Look at database file placement, then.

SOWING THE SEEDS OF LOVE! The early 90s found me a HUGE Tears for Fears fan, and few radio stations here play TFF any more. So this is nostalgia central…
Time After Time, another all-time-fave…
Friday I’m in Love!
Coldplay, Clocks…beautiful. Youuuu…..ohh, youuuu….


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