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I’m just here for the toast

November 1, 2011

This is a warm up to my warm up, writing-wise. It’s 5:20 am, and I’m up accidentally because of my 3 year old.

I have tea.
I have toast.
In my Fortress of Solitude.
With Garfield.
And a nice ambiance.
I’m set.

Looked at the #Nano twitter feed…of course, Europeans started 7 hours ago. Still very cool to see all the tweets in French and German.

Okay, time to get started. <jitters>

/ 6:30am – 829 words. #whispersquee

Evening…8:46pm. Trying to ramp up to write more, try to meet quota. We got our first inspirational email from, and this is my favorite part (italics mine):

But if you wait until next time, if you stay home on the couch with the cat and don’t make yourself go and join and do, you’re going to miss out on a surprising and satisfying month of creative abandon. You’ll be walking away from the rough draft of your novel.


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