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Body hacks I’ve learned

November 2, 2011

You actually can slow your heartbeat with long, slow breathing. -experience

To force an on-the-fence sneeze, stare into a bright light. -Sean

To stop yourself from throwing up, grin as big as you possibly can. – Dirty Jobs

To stop yourself from passing out (especially whilst experiencing high Gs), grunt HARD from your tummy…it forces blood up into your head. -Mythbusters

While on a low calorie diet, periodically (like once a weekish) thwarth lowered metabolism with a very high calorie meal. – Four Hour Body


Whachoo got?

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  1. November 2, 2011 8:43 pm

    To help relieve nausea pinch the fleshy part of your hand between the thumb and first finger.

    For those ice-cream related brain freeze problems put your tongue on the roof of your mouth, it warms your upper palate which is the cause of the ache.

    Another way to force a sneeze is to yank on a nose hair.

    Hiccups can be cured by eating a teaspoon of granulated sugar. Alternatively take as deep a breath in as you can, then breathe in a little more, this prevents the diaphragm from having space to spasm. Hold your breath as long as you can and then let it out slowly.

    • November 2, 2011 8:46 pm

      That’s right, I’d heard some of those. (No thanks on the nose hair, tho…owwwwch…)

      For hiccups, I always drank a big glass of water slowly. Has the same effect of regulating breathing.

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