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Draft 0: Hacky-hack

November 2, 2011

Here’s an assignment from “The Nerdist Way” that I’m using as a writing warmup: Come up with the dumbest, hackiest thing you can think of. … How can you start tweaking it to make it your own?

Here’s what I came up with:

Zelda, a spunky thirteen-year-old and her dog (a stray from the back streets of Ouachita, Arkansas) travel to New York City to find her long-lost father – who, it turns out, is the CEO of an international company and King of Quebec. This means she is a princess and heir to a multibillion dollar company (which, she discovers, is a cover for a covert team of superheroes!)


“Father!” Zelda cried, and ran to embrace him. Chippy barked at her heels, leaping for joy at their long-awaited reunion.

“Zelda my darling daughter,” Captain Chalcatrice sobbed, “how could I ever make up to you the long, lost years we’ve been apart?!?”  Chippy jumped up then, placing one paw on each of the pair, and they all burst into tearful, joyous laughter. “Chippy!!” cried father and daughter together, and they together laughed again, as the Heroic League for Right stood, sat, and flew around them, applauding. A double rainbow hung, unnoticed, in the evening sky.

(I fucking love the idea that all three of them burst into laughter…the only thing this is missing is a fountain. OF GOLD. And maybe some explosions. I’ll see to it.)

I’ll attack the “tweaking/making it your own” later. That’s……that’s pretty bad.


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