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NaNo Day 18

November 18, 2011

15,542, so that’s good. I faffed around for 45 minutes, and then went to and wrote 500 words in about 10 minutes.  Damn, that’s a good tool.

From the Week Three Pep Talk from Chris Cleave:

I once drafted a novel in six weeks. That draft eventually became my first published book, Incendiary. There are three things you need to know about that. One, that the first draft was unpublishable…

I love hearing that.

…you have crossed a line of no return. You have chosen to engage – and in many cases reengage – with a dangerous process that changes you.


 In a world where ideas hold so much power, a writer is on civilization’s front line. To become a writer, therefore, is a serious business. It requires a commitment to move from passively absorbing your cultural tradition to informing it. That’s a significant transformation, and like all major works it won’t happen overnight.


You don’t need to be trying to change the world in order to change someone’s world. What you need is to be seriously committed to your work.

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