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Ben Turns Four

December 5, 2011

My babyboy Benny turned 4 on Saturday. He awoke to a dining room table with presents (and one for Eric, of course), and Sean made homemade cake donuts for the occasion.

The big surprise, though, was the weekend at Great Wolf Lodge, a hotel with an indoor waterpark. After quite a bit of wheedling and a little 20 questions, Eric was able to guess where we were going.  He then packed a backpack full of toys and books and playing cards…my guy.  We went, we ooohed at the winter decorations in the lobby, we changed in our room as quickly as possible, and spent most of the day in the water.

It was a great time. We hung out together, the four of us, and played chase and splash and all that jazz. Ben tried the little water slide and looked to me the first four times to make sure  I was really proud of him. (I was, of course.)  Eric delighted in sneaking up on us and splashing us (Daddy makes an exceptionally high note when splashed with cold water, btw).  The boys spent most of the day in the little kids’ area, Ben telling anyone who’d listen that he was four and today is his birthday.  We spent some time outside the pool too, waving a “magic” wand at various “magic” items in the hotel that light up or open to reveal treasure, or a clue, or whatever.  That night we had pizza and wings in our room, along with a game of Hide the Toy, and another of Go Fish (Eric’s a big fan, and Ben’s damn good at holding my matched pairs).

Next day we had breakfast at the buffet, more of the same (swim swim swim!! lunch! swim!).  At lunch, I let the boys wander around the hallway outside the restaurant. Ben colored on a large easel the hotel had set up, and Eric waved his wand at everything. At one point he waved it at the easel, and bonked Benny’s head a little. Ben turned and said indignantly, “I don’t open up!!”

I took Mom up on the offer to watch Ben outside the pool that afternoon after ice cream. (He was getting pretty exhausted, and had a fine time playing in the arcade.)  So Sean and Eric and I rode the big slides, which Eric is JUST big enough to ride now (48″). BIG fun.

Of course Eric broke down when it was time to go, but that’s his thing…he loves Doing Stuff passionately, and feels great sadness when Doing Stuff Time is done.  And of course Ben fell asleep at 5pm on the way home (and slept the night through!!) 

These occasions aren’t trouble-free. Ben can get very grumpy, and Eric is at the age where annoying people on purpose appears to be a fervently-followed religion, but these irritations were few and small, and truly: It was a great weekend. Call it the Weekend of Pools and a Thousand Kisses.

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  1. December 6, 2011 2:38 pm

    Heee! Ben is so cute! Glad he had a great time.

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