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Christmas 2011 live blog

December 25, 2011

Just the highlights…

10:06. Kung Fu Panda 2 is on. Eric is taking pic after pic of nothing on his new kids digital camera, to rack up the numbers. “87, 89, 90-91-92…” Lisette, well pleased with her new iPod touch, is making bacon. Ben watches the TV in his undies, one foot on his talking Lightning McQueen race car flashlight.  He takes a moment to mug for the camera. Sean sleeps the nap of the righteous, or rather of the guy who woke at 4 and couldn’t get back to sleep.

Excuse me, I have to offload erics pix, eat bacon, and read my new book about Jim Henson.

12:06. Starting to desire delivery pizza. Boys have been playing with Play-Doh (is that how it’s spelled? Play-Homer-DOH!?) for the last hour. I have consumed I can’t tell you how many playdough cakes and pizzas.  Mythbusters marathon on right now. I’m torn between this, the Doctor Who marathon, and the all-day A Christmas Story marathon. I can’t even consider the Firefly marathon, what with the little ones in the house, but it’s okay…I gots me some Firefly.

So….back to lazing.

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