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Pragmatic Laziness week 1 – easy A

December 27, 2011

As you may have read in a previous blog, Prequel to an effort (#GetHawt), I’m attempting to lose weight via pragmatic laziness, and with the use of clever and simple graphs. So far, so good. I’m already in the years-established habit of weighing myself almost daily, and in the months-long habit of entering that into Everything else, I hope, will stem from continued awareness.

I have stayed well within my range since this experiment started only a week ago. Of course, I have an absolutely huge range: 6# above and 6# below my track weight. I’d have to be actively – almost compulsively- working to get out of range. That’s good! 

In the last week, I dipped 4 pounds below, and then 1.5 pounds above, my track weight, and it’s all good. MAN, this takes the pressure off.  I’m being good today, because I don’t want to rocket up to the top of the graph. I also spent a few minutes entering weekly reminders into my main email, to remind me of the acceptable range for that week. It’s pretty awesome to simply graph out, and then plan via Outlook, the 25 pound drop I have scheduled over the next few months.

Scheduled. Yep.

Oh! And (with her agreement) I’m signing my mom up to walk the 5k with me in January, so we’re texting each other when we walk.  Yes, that means I’ll be walking my first 5k, but I’m cool man, I’m cool…


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