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Invitation to #GetHawt Friday 002 – The Buddy System

January 16, 2012

Welcome again to GET HAWT FRIDAY!  Thanks very much to Sarah S. for kicking off the year with the GetHawt 001 roundup! I was pleased to find a few surprise names in the mix. Atta-people!!

Week one was goals and steps. For week two, I want you to find a partner – whether or not they participate in GetHawt – and write about what you and s/he will do for each other. What we need is someone with similar goals that we can be directly accountable to.

For example: I plan on partnering up with one of you walker/runners to trade daily tweets and texts – encouragement and nagging – to reach fitness goals this week.  Who knows? Maybe we can be partners for the life of GetHawt 2012.

If this is your first time in the Get Hawt roundup, check out the FAQ.  What to do:

  1. Blog.
  2. Link back to this Get Hawt Friday #002 post.
  3. Have your post up before end of day Friday January 20.




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