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Pragmatic Laziness Week 4 – Weekend debauchery (#GetHawt 002)

January 17, 2012

This’ll be my post for GetHawt 002

I walked my first 5k this weekend, with my mom. After that we went out for a celebratory coffee and snack, and I proceeded to eat every fattening, high carb thing for the next 40 hours.  Dammit.

I expected such deliberate slip ups, but the tracked weight line is above Max for the first time. WELL above it. And, I really wonder about me, specifically the weekend, head-in-the-sand me.  Me: Y u no help me get skinny??

So this week is about dropping well below that max line. No soda, no bread or processed foods, no candy, low cal low fat.  And lotsa walking.  I need someone to partner up with this week, as per my own assignment:

 For week two, I want you to find a partner – whether or not they participate in GetHawt – and write about what you and s/he will do for each other

I’m working on that, and I’ll update you.

UPDATE: I have asked Sarah S. (the Dancem0m!) and my hubby to be my buddies this week. Sarah and I are keeping each other accountable, workout-wise, via Twitter. Sean is on a new biking kick, so we’re going out on the bikes each night (except user group Thursday) this week. Go me! Go us!

UPDATE: I have been very very good this week, thanks largely to Sean and Sarah. I stuck to the diet and walked/biked every day. As a result I am now back down to EXACTLY WHERE I WAS A WEEK AGO. While I am pleased with my success, I am of course unhappy with Last Weekend Me, the Pig, and having to drop all the weight she gained. This weekend I have one or two planned cheat meals to get my metabolism up, but all else is business as usual.

Methods update:

  • Use the chart – Not at all surprisingly, I didn’t weigh myself the weekend I stuffed my face. And I gained 4#, above the max line. WEIGH EVERY DAY, WOMAN.
  • Eat well, observe, change, repeat – I bought eggs and made tomato soup for this week. Good start.
  • Work out habitually – I didn’t walk at all last week, then did the 5k Saturday. Walked 2 miles this morning, so there’s a start.
  • GetHawt. Well, that’s this.  I’m glad I’ve partnered up this year for the GetHawt effort. It’ll be a lot harder to drop it, with Sarah waiting to take up the next week’s blog…


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  1. January 20, 2012 11:15 pm

    Way to go on your first 5K!


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