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#GetHawt Week 2 Roundup – Buddy-buddy

January 23, 2012

Roundup time! Last week I invited you to blog about getting a partner for your Hawtness goals. Let’s see who did what…

TSQLPrincess blogged early about her buddies: her manager, her husband, and bun in the oven. (Congrats again!!)  The manager will encourage her to walk the stairs at work, the hubby will cook healthy, and the bun will be a (fairly constant!) reminer to make the right choices. Attagirl.

I posted early, too, about my weekend debauchery. I am clearly not my best workout buddy, so I’ve enlisted one of our number and one of my household to keep my ass a-walking and a-biking daily this week.

Ameena joins us for the first time and sets some reasonable goals with gradual weightloss. Smart move, I think, making life changes. Ameena also mentions that she is working on her OCD. I never anticipated mental health as a part of GetHawt, but that’s just a huge 0versight on my part. Diet and excercise are psychological, and what’s more, there is nothing that could possibly affect our day-to-day welfare more than the condition of our minds. Keep it up, Ameena. You’ve definitely gotten into the spirit of GetHawt.

Stacia is in China this week, and walked the Great Wall for GetHawt. Showoff. She’s keeping close watch on her nutrition stats, trying to reach a certain percentage for fiber, carbs, water, etc. She’s going to ask her daughter to be her GetHawt partner.

Jeff posted a quick shout-out to the Hawtters (complete with amusing Most-interesting-man-in-the-world LOL), and says he’s looking forward to his weigh-in in about two weeks. In another post, he announces that he now only needs to lose seven babies’ + a horse worth of weight…he’s down a baby-weight!  Attaboy, Jeff.

Sarah, who partnered with me, starts by buttering me up 🙂  She was grudgingly good about working out (sounds like me, only with more crunches), and she posts some valuable lessons learned about a somewhat disheartening week.

Edit: Wendy Dance joins us slightly late with her week 1 post and app recommendation!

I like the blogging, the partering, the innovating. I like the lessons learned, guys. It’s a weird thing to actually realize that we will, that we ARE, making great changes for ourselves.  We will slip up here and there, and we’ll have slow weeks sometimes. BUT! This is your year. This is your time. Every day that you make a better choice, the Tomorrow You looks back and thanks you.

I know. I’m thanking this weekend’s Me. Attagirl, Me.


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  1. January 23, 2012 3:45 pm

    To be fair, it’s a small horse, afterall! (it’s a small world afterall should now effectively be running through your head. Much to the detriment of your sanity)

  2. January 26, 2012 4:27 am

    Sorry I didn’t pingback correctly on my blog from last week!

    There ya go 🙂


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