#GetHawt Week 4 Roundup – If it’s broke…

Roundup time! Last week I invited you to blog about what’s not working for you for your Hawtness goals. Let’s see who did what…

Yanni has had a phenomenal week, what with her Tinkerbell Half-Marathon superwoman run. Her kryptonite? Not having a SMART goal, and not allowing herself to have setbacks.  I could learn a thing or two from her…this was an inspiring read.

Favorite quote: “Telling myself that I need to lose 2lbs in 2 weeks is easier to attain rather than I need to lose 30lbs in 6 months.   Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.”

Wendy steps in with a quick note about how well she’s doing (showoff! ;), but notes that sitting in her desk all the long day is NOT working for her.

Favorite quote: “One really cool thing I’ve decided: there is no spoon. Oh, wait, I mean: there is no elevator. “

Sarah‘s big weaknesses are post-workout celebration carbs, and soda pop. (You’re singing my song, girl.) She also had a kickass week – look at all of us with our kickass weeks! – and started the 100 pushups program.

Favorite quote: “Here’s what’s not working: “I just did 92 crunches, that means I can eat some pizza rolls, right?””

TSQL Princess is carrying around a little person-to-be, and so she’s on a slightly different “diet”: adding 300 calories daily (which I bet is a little difficult, with the nausea). Logging food in Loseit.com doesn’t work for her. Hey, it’s not everybody’s cup of tea!

Favorite quote: “I’m sure a lot of people are with me on this one but they really shouldn’t call it “morning” sickness. For me, it’s more like “all-effin-day-long” sickness.”

Stacia has some of the same issues: her negative internal monologue, water intake, and not scheduling excercise.

Favorite quote: “I need to remember this is not a sprint. As I get closer to my ideal weight, it’s going to be harder to lose the weight. Intellectual me understands that. Emotional me needs a gentle reminder from time to time.”

This week I discovered that I’d set my expectations too high, and that was blinding me to the progress I’m actually making. Adjustments ensued. I also reviewed what IS working for me.

Favorite quote: “You’ve been focused so much on the day-to-day weight that you forgot something important: Meanings hide, even in the hard numbers.”

Keep an eye out on Sara’s blog for this week’s #GetHawt invitation.  Good work, everyone…you’ve all done very well!


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