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Pragmatic Laziness Week 7 – Course Correction (#GetHawt 005)

February 9, 2012

Last week I adjusted my expectations, and it immediately took some of the stress off. I also started doing 25 minutes of cardio per day for a week (a week is about as long as I can stick to a strict program of any kind), and I saw immediate results.

What works for me? Rebalancing using course correctors. As Adam Savage says, “Failure is always an option.” Sometimes I will pig out too often, skip logging what I eat…sometimes I’m not going to feel like really busting ass at exercising.  So I put myself into situations that regularly, and as a matter of habit, push me back on course after I’ve stepped off for a bit. My current course correctors are this weekly blog party (and weight chart), my accountability partner Sarah, and the 200 situps/100 pushups program.

Here’s what I did last week (including 200 Situps program and 100 pushups program week 3):

DAY Walking/Other Crunches Pushups (knee/”girly” pushups)
Monday 25 minutes P90x cardio, plus cooldown
Tuesday 25 minutes P90x cardio, plus cooldown 106 45
Wednesday (nothing! exhausted…)
Thursday 126 50
Saturday 134 55

Of course, I made a chart of that, too:

Yay charts!


This post is for GetHawt Week #005.

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  1. February 10, 2012 4:58 pm

    Way to get back on track!! I think it’s great that you allow yourself to make corrections to your journey once in a while – keeps you from stressing yourself out too much.


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