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This week… OK, GO!

February 9, 2012

This week I’m obsessing over the OK Go video Needing/Getting (see for the “making of”, and below for vid). I’ve heard of OK Go, and seen (and been blown away by) some of their stuff, but this is something else entirely. It gets a #FuriouslyHappy from me.  Also, thanks to, I was one of the first 500k viewers on YouTube. It’s nothing to brag about especially…it’s just really cool to watch something awesome like this grow steadily over the course of a week. As of this writing, the video has over 9.5 million views. IN A WEEK.

(I’ve also gotten the kids onto OK Go, most notably their video with the Muppets. “You’re not a dog.”)

Also, due to an ongoing and protracted Stealing Things Cold War at work, I’ve taken to locking my desk drawers. Only I forgot to put a key on both keychains I use, so I am locked away from my at-work coffee press. (Waahhh, me.)  SO this morning I Macguivered myself a solution: steep grounds in a cup for 2 minutes, pour through a coffee filter, drink YUM.

Did cardio Sun-Mon-Tue, had to take a break yesterday. Despite imbibing enough water and calories, my body was just way too dragged out yesterday.

We’re also working on a project this month, It’s going to be a purchaseable, downloadable seminar on how to become a DBA. It’s the first time we’ve done anything to monetize MidnightDBA, and I’m both terribly excited and a bit nervous. Initial interest is pretty damn big, though.

The kids are good, but I think we’re all getting tired of the school year. *I* get a break in a couple of weeks, when Sean and I head to Seattle for the MVP Summit (my mom and his will watch the kids that week, thank all the stars!).  And the kids have winter break coming up soonish…till then, onward!

For bonus awesomeness, check out OK Go’s other videos on YouTube, including this one that shows how incredibly hot the lead singer is.


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