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#GetHawt Week 6 Roundup – Subbing

February 21, 2012

Roundup time! Last week I invited you to blog about substitutions.  Before we get into that, I’d like to note something interesting:  At LEAST three of us had a really down week – skipping workouts and runs, eating more than is usual, and so on – and this week we had a record low in GetHawt submissions. I think that means that nearly all of us had a very off week last week.

You know what, kids? That’s okay. It’s okay to have an off week.  But today is a new day, and my mother is still kicking royal ass with her daily walks. This week, let’s get back on the horse. Walk, work out, eat well and remember how good it makes you feel. Blog and be honest…share your week, and be fine with rebalancing. And we’ll be just a little bit shamed that we’re being shown up by an overweight woman in her 60s. 🙂

Now, let’s see who did what…

Tracy has been working hard on replacing bad foods for good – specifically, soda pop for water, pudding for yogurt, and a good deal more. It sounds like an awful lot of excellent substitutions are going on in the McKibben house these days.

Favorite quote: “You’re supposed to have dessert with every meal, right?  I’ve eliminated the pudding in favor of Yoplait yogurts.  Calorie-wise, I’m not sure there’s much difference, but it seems like a good change to make.”

Yanni  substitutes fruit juice with green juice, and gives a rough recipe. That does sound interesting…and she an some excellent food substitution, too.

Favorite quote:  “I’m not even sure why I even missed my run.  I wasn’t sick.  I had the time (well, at the time, it didn’t seem like I had the time to do it).   I guess, I wasn’t discipline enough.   I didn’t make it as priority.   There.  I said it.” [I absolutely love that…”I didnt make it a priority.” We’d all say exactly the same. -ed.]

My co-host Sarah is also substituting water for pop, good food for bad, and muscle for fat! Attagirl…

Favorite quote: ” I’ve cut way back on the amount of pop I drink. Hardly ever do I have more than 2 cans a day. When I do, I feel like crap! ”  [Me too! -ed.]

I also had a rough week of doing little good for myself. But I did a few good things, didn’t go off the deep end, and talked about my little food and drink tricks.

Favorite quote: “The trick, I think, is not to let bad weeks turn into bad months. That’s your life, right there.”

Keep an eye out on Sara’s blog for this week’s #GetHawt invitation. Good work, everyone…you’ve all done very well!


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  1. February 22, 2012 8:12 pm

    For the record, I had my best week ever.:) Guess my trackback didn’t work though…


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